4 thoughts on “Pinkpop voorpret (2)

  1. In kwaliteitskrant “The Guardian” trof ik in de cultuursectie het volgende stukje aan:
    Paul Smith revealed their Pinkpop gig will be a special treat full of surpries. “Dutch audiences have always been very receptive to us and therefore we think they should be rewarded with something extraordinary”, the Maxïmo frontman confided. Smith was reluctant to tell what the band would have in store but after some prying he disclosed a few promising features. “Well, for a start, our bass player Archis is going to play his instrument with his cock while shampooing his lovely hair, which should be quite spectacular. We’ll be playing a few Tool covers along the way, cause we all love that band. After the gig, thirtysomething girls are invited to join me in the tourbus, where they’ll be getting a special treatment. All in good taste of course!” Rumours suggesting that Graham Coxon, formerly of Blur, would be joining them on stage for a couple of songs could not be confirmed, but tellingly Smith concluded that it was not too far from the truth…

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