Clips galore (2)

Reasons to like this video:
1. It perfectly translates the song’s loping acoustic groove
to imaginative visuals.
2. If only accidentally, it punctures the sanctimoniousness of
Soul Asylum’s "Runaway Train" video.
3. The expressions on the milk carton’s face are funny, but it’s those expressive little arms that really sell its humanity.
4. Its milk-carton protagonist has his own fan site.
5. It’s all about Graham Coxon, not Damon Albarn.

Pitchfork pleurde haar 100 favoriete music video’s op YouTube. "Because they’re so good, because they’re so bad, because they feature the Jacksons imagining themselves as gigantic golden gods sprinkling gold dust on humanity." En omdat de ontwikkelingen op het WK voor wat meer bewegingsvrijheid in de avonduren zorgden, hebben we misschien ook nog wel tijd om ze allemaal te bekijken.

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